The Environment


Some of the most environmentally friendly biodiesel feedstocks are used cooking oil and waste grease. According to the relevant authorities an impact Analysis study, released in February 2010, biodiesel produced from waste grease results in an 86% reduction in greenhouse gases, compared to petro-diesel.






What is Biodiesel ?


Biodiesel is a renewable fuel manufactured from 
cooking oils, artificial fats, and recycled or used cooking oil. It is widely known as diesel substitution in transport sector (automobiles) and agricultural sector (machines). 


Biofuels Obligation Scheme


The BOS Scheme places an obligation on suppliers of mineral oil to ensure that 6.383% (by volume) of the motor fuels they place on the market in Ireland is produced from renewable sources, e.g. Ethanol and Biodiesel.  The obligation was increased from the 1st January, 2013. (Read More) 

The Process


Biodiesel is created by a process called transesterification. This process extracts glycerin from fats and oils. Once transesterification occurs, the two remaining products are methyl esters (the chemical name for biodiesel) and glycerin.


The future

Much of our energy need could be satisfied by turning our waste into liquid fuels. Several companies are already piloting ways to turn municipal or agricultural waste into bioethanol  

Some see cellulosic ethanol production as just the first step, and biobutanol or biodiesel as better long-term options


Countries offering biofuel subsidies are already leading the race to develop second generation biofuels 



It is renewable with energy efficient and also displaces petroleum derived diesel fuel.

It can be used as a blend in most diesel equipment with no modifications required. 


It can reduce greenhouse gases emissions and tailpipe emissions, including air toxics and smogs. 


It is produced from recycled cooking oils which have already completed their useful life.

About Biofuels

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